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COR Healthcare Medical Associates

Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology & Electrophysiology located in Torrance, CA, Manhattan Beach, CA, San Pedro, CA, Redondo Beach, CA & El Segundo, CA

In most cases, doctors need to collect information, including visual information, to come up with a diagnosis. Imaging refers to diagnostic tests that generate visual images of your internal organs, which can be used to assess their structure and function. COR Healthcare Medical Associates is the leading cardiology group in the Los Angeles South Bay area and the board-certified cardiologists offer state-of-the-art imaging tests to evaluate heart and vascular health, ensuring that the diagnosis and treatment you get are the right ones. To schedule a consultation, contact the offices in Torrance, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and El Segundo, California, by phone or online today.

Imaging Q & A

What is imaging?

Imaging refers to the various diagnostic tests used by the experienced team at COR Healthcare Medical Associates to gather visual information about your health. These tests are generally painless and noninvasive and include X-rays, MRIs, and sonograms (ultrasound).

What are cardiac imaging tests?

Dedicated to providing patients with the most comprehensive cardiac care, COR Healthcare Medical Associates offers many advanced cardiac imaging tests. Available tests include:

Carotid ultrasound

Carotid ultrasound is a painless test that uses sound waves to generate images of your carotid arteries, the arteries that supply blood to your brain. The test is conducted to assess plaque buildup along these arteries, which can indicate your risk of having a stroke.

In some cases, the carotid ultrasound is combined with a Doppler ultrasound, which allows the team to also monitor the flow of blood through your arteries.


Echocardiography uses ultrasound technology to generate real-time images of your heart to assess its structure and function. The team at COR Healthcare Medical Associates will recommend this test to confirm or rule out a heart condition like heart failure or heart valve prolapse.

Vascular ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound is similar to carotid ultrasound. This test is used to assess the structure and function of veins or arteries. You could benefit from this test if you’re experiencing poor circulation in your legs or the team suspects you might have an aneurysm.


During angiography, a special dye is injected into your blood vessels to assess how blood flows through your heart. The experienced team at COR Healthcare Medical Associates offers magnetic resonance angiography (an MRI), computerized tomographic angiography (a CT scan), and direct injection contrast angiography.

The full-service cardiology group also does electrocardiograms and stress tests when needed.

How do I know what type of cardiac imaging test I need?

The board-certified cardiologists at COR Healthcare Medical Associates specialize in cardiac health and determine the type of test you need based on your symptoms and overall health, as well as your medical and family history. The team reviews the details of your test so you know how to prepare, what to expect, and what happens afterward.

Imaging is an important diagnostic tool that the experienced team at COR Healthcare Medical Associates uses to assist in diagnosing and treating cardiac conditions. For comprehensive care, contact the office today by phone or online.