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COR Healthcare Medical Associates

Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology & Electrophysiology located in Torrance, CA, Manhattan Beach, CA, San Pedro, CA, Redondo Beach, CA & El Segundo, CA

Cancer treatment can lead to many symptoms, including fatigue, loss of appetite, and flu-like aches. Unfortunately, your cancer treatment can also affect heart health. The cardiology specialists at COR Healthcare Medical Associates in Torrance, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and El Segundo, California, offer a cardio-oncology program to prevent or treat heart problems that develop during or after cancer treatment, as well as those with pre-existing heart conditions. To schedule an appointment with the leading cardiology group in the Los Angeles South Bay area, call the offices or select the online booking button today.

Cardio-Oncology Q & A

What is cardio-oncology?

Cardio-oncology is a very new area of medicine that focuses on preventing or treating heart conditions that affect cancer patients. Thanks to advances in cancer treatment, cancer survival rates are on the rise.

Unfortunately, the need for prolonged cancer treatment can damage the heart. Additionally, like the general population, these cancer survivors are at risk of developing heart disease as they get older.

Dedicated to being at the forefront of cardiac care, the team at COR Healthcare Medical Associates is excited to offer a cardio-oncology program to manage the heart health of cancer survivors. 

The goal of the program is to coordinate care with your oncology team and primary care physician to prevent cardiac problems during and after cancer treatment.

When should I seek cardio-oncology care?

The experienced team at COR Healthcare Medical Associates provides cardio-oncology services before, during, and after cancer treatment. 

You’ll want to schedule a cardio-oncology appointment before you start your cancer treatment so the team can assess the health of your heart and your risk of cardiac damage from your cancer treatment.

The cardiologists at COR Healthcare Medical Associates relay their findings to your oncology team, which could result in changes to your cancer treatment plan to minimize possible harm to your heart.

You can also benefit from a cardio-oncology visit if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and have a history of heart disease or you’ve developed heart issues during your cancer treatments.

The cardiology specialists also provide cardiac care to cancer survivors who endured cardiac damage during their cancer treatment, as well as management of cancer survivors’ heart disease.

What can I expect during a cardio-oncology evaluation?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation by your cardiology specialist at COR Healthcare Medical Associates during your cardio-oncology evaluation. In addition to reviewing your medical records, the team reviews your medical history and family history, then does a physical exam.

If needed, the team can request diagnostic tests to further evaluate your heart, like echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, heart rhythm monitoring, or a cardiac nuclear stress test.

Based on the information gathered during your evaluation, the team at COR Healthcare Medical Associates develops a treatment plan aimed at preventing or treating any heart condition.

Cancer and its treatment can affect many aspects of your life, including the health of your heart. To schedule your cardio-oncology evaluation, call COR Healthcare Medical Associates or click the online booking button today.